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SPSS Survival Manual, A Step By Step Guide To Data Analysis Using IBM SPSS, 7th Edition

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7th Edition

By Julie Pallant

Data files and website
Introduction and overview

Part One Getting started
1 Designing a study
2 Preparing a codebook
3 Getting to know IBM SPSS Statistics

Part Two Preparing the data file
4 Creating a data file and entering data
5 Screening and cleaning the data

Part Three Preliminary analyses
6 Descriptive statistics
7 Using graphs to describe and explore the data
8 Manipulating the data
9 Checking the reliability of a scale
10 Choosing the right statistic

Part Four Statistical techniques to explore relationships among variables
11 Correlation
12 Partial correlation
13 Multiple regression
14 Logistic regression
15 Factor analysis

Part Five Statistical techniques to compare groups
16 Non-parametric statistics
17 T-tests
18 One-way analysis of variance
19 Two-way between-groups ANOVA
20 Mixed between-within subjects analysis of variance
21 Multivariate analysis of variance
22 Analysis of covariance

Appendix: Details of data files
Recommended reading