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General, Organic, and Biochemistry 11th Edition

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The eleventh edition of General, Organic, and Biochemistry offers a problem-solving approach and is designed to help undergraduate majors in health-related fields understand key concepts and appreciate significant connections among chemistry, health, and the treatment of disease. This new edition is available in ALEKS, featuring: 
• ALEKS Topics to assign as pre-requisite assignments to boost student confidence and help those lacking math skills. 
• End-of-Chapter Questions aligned to the text for homework, test, and quiz assignments. 
• Virtual Labs to be used as pre-lab prep assignments, or lab replacement. 
• Video Assignments that break down key concepts and show step-by-step solutions. 
• The ALEKS Drawing Tool, an easy-to-learn tool that mirrors the drawing action of pencil & paper and supports Fischer and Haworth Projections.