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Financial Accounting For Non-Accounting Students, 7th Edition, 2022 version

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ISBN: 9789670761565
Pub Date: 2022
Edition: 7


About the Authors
CHAPTER 1 Introduction to Accounting
CHAPTER 2 Qualitative Characteristics of Financial Information, Accounting
Assumptions and Concepts
CHAPTER 3 Accounting Classification and Accounting Equation
CHAPTER 4 Accounting for Inventory
CHAPTER 5 Double Entry Principles
CHAPTER 6 Balancing Off the Accounts and the Trial Balance
CHAPTER 7 Accounting Systems and Books of Accounts
CHAPTER 8 Pre-Adjusted Financial Statements
CHAPTER 9 Adjustments for Accruals and Prepayments
CHAPTER 10 Accounting for Accounts Receivable
CHAPTER 11 Capital Expenditure and Revenue Expenditure
CHAPTER 12 Depreciation of Non-Current Assets
CHAPTER 13 Financial Statements with Year-End Adjustments
CHAPTER 14 Bank Reconciliation Statement
CHAPTER 15 Financial Statement Analysis and Financial Ratios
CHAPTER 16 Partnership
Answers to Selected Questions
Accounting Simulation