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Digital Electronics: Principles and Applications, 9th Edition

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Digital Electronics: Principles and Applications, Ninth Edition, is an easy-to-read introductory text for students new to the field of digital electronics. Providing entry-level knowledge and skills for a wide range of occupations is the goal of this textbook and its ancillary materials. Concepts are connected to practical applications, and a systems approach is followed that reflects current practice in industry. This concise and practical text can be used in any program needing a quick and readable overview of digital principles. 

1) Digital Electronics
2) Numbers We Use in Digital Electronics
3) Logic Gates
4) Combining Logic Gates
5) IC Specifications and Simple Interfacing
6) Encoding, Decoding, and Seven-Segment Displays
7) Flip-Flops
8) Counters
9) Shift Registers
10) Arithmetic circuits
11) Memories
12) Simple Digital Systems
13) Computer Systems
14) Connecting with Analog Devices
Appendix A Solder and the Soldering Process
Appendix B 2s Complement Conversions