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Criminal Law In Malaysia

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Ashgar Ali Ali Mohamed
Muhamad Hassan Ahmad

“This book, Criminal Law in Malaysia with its 31 chapters, is an excellent introductory text which comprehensively covers the major areas of criminal law.  The table of contents is organised in a very appropriate fashion … The chapters on Islamic criminal law  and international criminal law are additional features which make this book go beyond an ordinary Criminal Law textbook.”
From the Foreword by
Tun Arifin bin Zakaria
Former Chief Justice of Malaysia

Description of Criminal Law In Malaysia 1st Edition | 2023 :
Criminal law is a crucial aspect of the law that works and develops daily. There's no denying that today's world desperately needs a title like this. Criminal Law in Malaysia, which consists of 31 chapters, offers thorough coverage of the main criminal law topics, including drug trafficking, money laundering, cybercrime, sedition, and Islamic criminal law, as well as those that fall under the purview of the Penal Code and other independent statutes.
 This book is the standard reference for all students studying criminal law in the Malaysian curriculum since it clearly outlines the components and breadth of the many types of criminal offences and the associated penalties that are applied. The work allows for speedy knowledge of this vast and complicated subject of law since it was written with simple comprehension as its primary goal. Along with the core areas of criminal law, supporting issues including aiding and abetting, joint culpability, conspiracy, attempt, and appropriate defences are also covered. This book's scope is expanded with the addition of chapters on international and Islamic criminal law.
To keep up with this significant development in criminal sentencing in Malaysia, a dedicated chapter has been devoted to discussing the operation of the Abolition of Mandatory Death Penalty Bill 2023, which was recently passed by Parliament and abolishes mandatory death sentences from the Penal Statutes in addition to redefining the sentence of imprisonment for life.
The chapters in the book were written by subject-matter specialists from several Malaysian institutions and adhere to the guidelines of the Criminal Law course framework, which is taught at most local universities, making it an important reference work. This book should be of great interest to undergraduate law students as well as the general public who may desire to expand their knowledge and comprehension of the fundamentals of Malaysian Criminal Law. Its professional contributors come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.
Key Features of Criminal Law In Malaysia 1st Edition | 2023 :
  • provides thorough knowledge of criminal law, delivered in a clear, understandable, and practical style.
  • well backed by judicial precedent and legislative requirements, with additional references serving as a guide for further study
  • covering a wide range of crimes, including those that are now of concern such as terrorism, money laundering, cybercrimes, and corporate criminal responsibility
  • Contains a helpful summary of the courts' criminal jurisdiction and an outline of the major criminal proceedings.
  • This is the standard text for students thanks to its many contributions from different universities.
  • Explains how the Abolition of Mandatory Death Penalty Bill 2023 operates.
  • Includes discussion of both international and Islamic criminal law 

Table Of Contents Criminal Law In Malaysia 1st Edition | 2023 :

  1. Criminal Law: An Introduction
  2. Elements of Crime 
  3. Mistake and Accident 
  4. Age of Criminal Responsibility
  5. Mental Illness (Insanity), Voluntariness, Automatism, and Intoxication
  6. Duress and Necessity
  7. Private Defence and Provocation
  8. Point Criminal Liability 
  9. Abetment
  10. Conspiracy  
  11. Attempt
  12. Murder and Culpable Homicide
  13. Hurt and Grievous Hurt 
  14. Sexual Offences
  15. Theft
  16. Extortion and Robbery 
  17. Receiving Stolen Goods and Criminal Trespass 
  18. Misappropriation of and Breach of Trust
  19. Cheating
  20. Offences Against the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong, Ruler or Yang Di-Pertua Negeri
  21. Terrorism and Possession of Offensive Weapons
  22. Drugs Offences
  23. Money Laundering
  24. Cyber Crimes
  25. Corporate Criminal Liability
  26. Sedition
  27. Misprision of Felony
  28. Courts: Criminal Jurisdiction and Criminal Process
  29. Islamic Criminal Law and its Application in Malaysia
  30. International Criminal Law
  31. Mandatory Death Sentence and Life Imprisonment: With Reference to the Abolition of Mandatory Death Penalty Bill