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General Principles of Contract Law, 2nd Edition

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S Santhana Dass is a senior lawyer who has been in practice since 1977. The Managing Partner of an established law practice, his areas of expertise include commercial and civil litigation, personal injury litigation, insurance, medical negligence, and general corporate matters. He is a seasoned author having published three other books and numerous articles in local law journals. He is also frequently invited to speak at conferences and seminars.  

This book serves as a general text covering all aspects of Contract Law, from formation, performance and breach to remedies. Presented in a style that is simple and easily understood, it is particularly useful for a quick grasp of the important principles of Malaysian Contract Law, including the reception of English Law. Detailed treatment is also given to the remedies of specific performance and injunctions. 

Fully up-to-date, the text benefits from the mastery of Malaysian Contract Law by an experienced practitioner who has taken pains to elucidate on the intricacies of the Malaysian position. Lawyers, legal advisers, judicial officers, undergraduates, Malaysian Certificate in Legal Practice candidates as well as non-local law graduates who have not had a thorough exposure to Malaysian Contract Law will certainly derive much benefit from the strong foundation provided by this book.

This new edition captures the latest developments in Contract Law, including topics like total failure of consideration, rescission and unfair terms which have seen recent changes and development of new principles.


Key Features:

  • Adopts a clear structure to enable easy navigation through the text
  • Statements of law are presented clearly
  • Supported by statutory provisions as well as local and foreign case authoritites (UK, Singapore, India and Australia)
  • Comprehensive explanation and analysis of the applicable legal principles

Table of Contents

Chapter 1            Applicability of English Law

Chapter 2            Formation of a Contract

Chapter 3            Extrinsic Evidence, Collateral Contracts and Exemption Clauses

Chapter 4            Voidable Contracts

Chapter 5            Void Agreements

Chapter 6            Performance and Discharge

Chapter 7            Damages

Chapter 8            Specific Performance

Chapter 9            Injunctions