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Financial Instruments, Recognition, Measurement, Presentation & Disclosures, 5th Edition

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Tan Liong Tong

  • Published: Oct 2023

The 5th edition of Financial Instruments: Recognition, Measurement, Presentation & Disclosures discusses the requirements in MFRS 9 and the amended MFRS 132 and MFRS 7. For private entities applying the MPERS Framework, the requirements on financial instruments are covered in three sections, namely: (i) Section 11 Basic Financial Instruments; (ii) Section 12 Other Financial Instruments Issues; and (iii) Section 22 Liabilities and Equity, with an option for private entities to apply the recognition and measurement standards in MFRS 139.

This book is drafted with the objective of making the standards understandable and operational to accountants and accounting students. The focus of this book is on the application aspects of the accounting standards for financial instruments.

Key features and inclusions:

  • provides a step-by-step approach to illustrate
  • each of the standards prescribed in the MFRSs each principle or standard in the MFRSs is illustrated with one or more examples on its application, localised to financial instruments that are commonly available in Malaysia.